Functional Fitness

Our Functional Fitness program is for people looking to make training a regular part of a healthy lifestyle.

The program incorporates strength training with conditioning workouts to target all areas of fitness.

Workouts may include anything from strength movements such as deadlifts to core-specific elements like knee raises or planks.

With structured training and a healthy nutrition plan you can tailor the program to suit your fat loss needs, your fitness needs or both!

Combining strength with cardiovascular fitness allows you to be ready for anything. You can prepare for sport or a busy lifestyle.

Either way you are prepared for life!

Custom Fitness

The Custom Fitness program allows for more specificity in your training.

We will consult with you to find out exactly what you want to achieve, your current training level and many other elements required for constructing your custom program.

This allows us to build a results-maximizing program specific to YOU!

Custom programs can be tailored for, but are not limited to -- fat loss, fitness/strength improvements, running, Olympic lifting, sports-specific training -- and much more!

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3-5 sessions per week

Delivered online

45min-1hr session duration

Notes & Goals for every session

Email feedback

Join a community of fellow members



Program designed for YOUR GOALS

Delivered straight to your inbox

Goals discussion with coach

Notes & Goals for every session

Regular email and video feedback

Designed to suit available equipment and time contraints

Which program is for you?

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