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Ankle Taps

1. Lay down with your knees bent and heels close to your hips.

2. Crunch up slightly by lifting your head and shoulders off the ground. Ensure you remain in this crunched position throughout the movement.

3. Lean from side-to-side and tap your ankles. Each tap = 1 rep.

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Arm Swings

1. Stand with your feet hip width apart and arms by your side.

2. Keeping your arms as straight as you can -- swing them behind your back and around the front.

3. Repeat in reverse.

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BB Shoulder Press

1. Grip a barbell just outside shoulder width.

2. Standing with your feet at shoulder width -- squeeze your glutes and abs tight to avoid arching your back.

3. Take a deep breath in before you lift and then press the bar overhead.

4. Finish with your arms locked out and the bar above the line of your shoulders. Your ears should be next to or in front of your shoulders.

5. Return the bar to the bottom position and repeat

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Body Row

1. Place a barbell in a squat rack.

2. Leaning into the rack (so the bar doesn't slip off) -- extend your arms and legs.

3. Once in position -- pull your chest up until it touches the bar. Keeping a tight midline the whole time (squeeze your glutes and abs).

4. Lower yourself back down the starting position. Try to maintain a rigid body the whole time and do not bend at the hips to assist the movement.

5. The lower the bar is set in the rack and the straighter your legs -- the harder the movement is. If it is too difficult -- raise the bar height and bend your knees when hanging under the bar.

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DB Bench Press

1. Lay down on a bench with 2 dumbbells.

2. Starting with them tucked in near your armpit -- press them out in front of your chest.

3. Keep the dumbbells steady the whole time and return them to the starting position.

4. Do not let the dumbbells drift off to the outside of your body or into the middle during the movement.

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