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This is your last chance in 2018, don't miss out!
The 4 Week Challenge begins on October 15, 2018.

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"I have learnt that I can stick to something that's hard and pushed me at times where I wanted to give up but never did... My body shape has changed dramatically & I am smashing training sessions like never before & all at home no gym for me. All the challenges you or I set for myself have been smashed and I am extremely proud of that!! I have had many compliments on my changing body shape & many saying I have lost heaps of weight! I have enjoyed and hated this process at times but I don't want to stop now.. Thank you so much again Jake x"

Kelly F



"I'm so happy to say that I've accomplished not having any family sized chips and coke in the 4 week period, I was eating both every Friday/Saturday night. I've got my eating back to normal with having 5-6 meals/snacks a day which is really hard when you work shift work. Jake Armistead your 4 week online challenge is amazing, it's not long as the original 12 weeks but it's awesome to set yourself up to start back on a healthy lifestyle. I can't thank you enough and $59 is such a great price to get your health and fitness back"

Jackie M

Jackie Testimonial




"My mentality towards food for nutrition not treats. Lost 5.1kg to date and my energy levels in my workout sessions have been so much better and workout results have shown this as well. Couldn't be happier!"

Kevin C

Ash Testimonial
Glen Testimonial
Gavin Testimonial

Here is what you get

  • Workouts to be completed at the gym with video instructions
  • Quick 10 minute workouts with video instructions
  • "At Home" workouts if you can't get to the gym - also with video instructions
  • "Challenge Workouts" for those days you're looking for a little extra push
  • Recipes to help keep you on track
  • Nutrition Manual (THE most important piece of the puzzle!)
  • Mobility and Flexibility workouts (so you can actually FEEL and MOVE better)
  • Access to a Private VIP Facebook Group
  • A detailed workout schedule
  • Over $298 worth of value

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This is your last chance in 2018, don't miss out!
The 4 Week Challenge begins on October 15, 2018.

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