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About Steel

Steel Strength & Conditioning is owned and run by Jake Armistead. With over 6 years in the fitness industry Jake has helped hundreds of clients work towards their goals.

The most important thing in Jake’s eyes?


Setting a goal and remaining committed to the cause is what Jake instils in his clients. With your training completely designed for you in 1-on-1 or group sessions, there is never a moment that you feel lost at Steel Strength & Conditioning.

Our clients are hard-working, committed and want to be the best version of themselves. This can range from losing 20kgs, building a 200kg back squat or completing a Tough Mudder race. You will increase your strength, fitness & overall health whilst having fun and learning the fundamentals of nutrition to transform your body.

Book your STEEL SUCCESS SESSION today and join Jake & the group of like-minded members at Steel Strength & Conditioning to ensure you reach your goals!

Book your FREE Steel Success Session and start working towards your goals!


A Steel Success Session is your first step to success in your training. You will come in and meet Jake for a 1-on-1 catch up where you will discuss in detail what your goals are. Once you have completed the initial consult you will start your training right then and there -- learning how to move and perform exercises correctly. The aim of your initial Steel Success Session is to build a base of knowledge about training and nutrition which will set you up for future success.

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What are your goals?

Get Stronger

Get Stronger

Increase your strength with proven training protocols

Ring Muscle-Up

Get Fitter

Develop cardiovascular and muscular endurance

Transform your body

Transform Your Body

With proper nutritional guidance you can transform your body

Learn about the training at Steel Strength & Conditioning.

How do we get you to your goals?

Train hard


Our training is designed to get you results. It's not magic though -- you have to work hard. We ensure you're hard work is not going to waste with structured programs and consistent progression.

Learn about nutrition

Hard work in the gym can be undone very easily with bad eating. We work with you to make sure you're fueling your body correctly with healthy, sustainable eating habits.



We've got the formula for your success.

You put in the hard work.

You achieve your goals!

Do you want to…

Start achieving your goals?

Contact us to learn more?

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What our members are saying..

“My greatest achievement since I started training would have to be my weightloss transformation from 110kg all the way down to 74kg, which improved my overall health in all aspects but also completely changed my lifestyle”

Alexander Ilievski

“The long term goal, my technique, stamina and capability is always looked to and properly managed.”

Mila Deadlift
Mila Prskalo

“Jake is a highly skilled trainer who has been great at finding a program that keeps me motivated and focused on my goals. Highly recommended”

Nick Rix

“The structured programming allows me to know exactly what I have to do with the given workout. At the end of each mesocycle I love seeing my squat numbers improve.”

Patrick Squat
Patrick Armstrong

What are your greatest achievements since you started training with Steel Strength & Conditioning?

“Hitting PB’s! Improving from about 50kg to 85kg deadlift! Also losing any fear in trying something new.”

Margaret Deadlift
Margaret Prskalo
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